Sandwich Packaging

Sandwich Window Bag

Packaging sandwiches in a kraft bag with a clear window is quickly growing in appeal and popularity. This sandwich packaging solution offers an environmentally friendly appearance, as well as offering a great option to hermetically seal the bag for extended shelf life.   Our kraft window sandwich bags come in a variety of different sizes to accommodate a wide range of sandwiches.

Sandwich Wrap – Sheets

Available in clear, white, and kraft paper, as well as a variety of different sizes. Also available in stock or custom prints.

Hinged Sandwich Wedges

Our Hinged Sandwich Wedges are designed to beautifully display a cut wedge sandwich.  Our Hinged Sandwich Wedges are available in Tamper Evident, as well various styles and sizes.

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Heat Seal Sandwich Packaging

Our Heat Seal Sandwich Packaging containers provide a variety of packaging options at a low price point, while also working seamlessly with automation technology.  Packaging Sales and Service can provide all of the equipment and products necessary to utilize this style of packaging.

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Barrier Sandwich Packaging

Our Barrier Sandwich Packaging Options are designed with specific shelf life extension properties.  Designed to be used with our Barrier Lidding Films, these trays can be sealed using our Lidding Equipment.

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