Microwaveable Packaging

Black Large Microwavable 1, 2 or 3 Compartment Trays

Our black microwavable trays come in one, two or three compartment options.   The dimensions for our microwavable trays are 9.5''  x6'' x 1.875''.  For our large microwavable trays we have a flat lid or dome lid option.  The dome lid is 1.4" tall.  The lids are made of crystal clear OPS and provide excellent view to the product inside. These microwavable trays are great for entrees with side dishes!

Small Black Oval Microwaveable Container

Our small black microwavable oval containers come in sizes of 12oz and 16oz.   The footprint for these containers is 8''x5.45''.  The 12oz is 1.25" tall and the 16oz is 1.5" tall.   We offer a dome lid for our MW900 black microwaveable containers. These 900L-D dome lids are made from crystal clear material, and measure 8″ x 5.375″ x 0.75″.  These microwavable containers are terrific for side dishes and casseroles!

PSSMW416 – Black One Compartment Casserole Microwaveable Container

We offer a black microwaveable oval container called our PSSMW416.  It's 7.75″ x 6.125″ x 1.25″ and comes with a clear dome lid.  These microwavable containers are terrific for side dishes and casseroles!

5811B – Black Microwaveable Tray

This 6.5''x5''x1.625'' Microwavable container is great for overwrapping or lid sealing.   The rigidity on this container is terrific for any product that you need to pack in it.

SB2MW - 14oz MW Square Salad/Bun/Dessert Tray – Microwaveable Tray

This 4.5''x4.5''x2'' microwavable is very unique in its ability to be microwaved and lid sealed in the 4.5''x4.5'' footprint.   This microwavable container is great for sides, desserts or any bun sandwich that needs to be microwaved.

7" Round Microwavable Tamper Evident Bowl

T21387 - 24 oz  Round Microwavable Tamper Evident bowl is perfect for heating up soups, casseroles or whatever your needs are. Made of a PP material.

T-Trays Microwaveable Overwrap Trays

We offer a product line that we call our T-Trays.  These fully recycleable, black microwaveable overwrap trays come in a variety of sizes, and are a great replacement for foam trays.  Each of these trays are also available in clear.

T-44 = 4.4''x4.4'' black microwavable tray is great for over wrapping.   These trays are a terrific replacement for foam and offer good strength to present the product well.

T-55 = 5.5''x5.5'' microwavable tray is a great size for whatever product you would like to pack. They come 1000 per case. This microwavable tray is a great replacement for foam trays.

T-37 = 3''x 7'' black microwavable tray is perfect for a hot dog, chili dog, or anything in between! It is made out of a strong PP material that is terrific for over wrapping. 

T-48 = 4''x8''x1'' black microwavable tray is great for any microwaving needs you might have. It is rigid enough for any use and is made out of a PP material.   

T-68 – Black Rectangle Overwrap Tray – Microwaveable Tray

This black microwavable tray is 6''x8''x1''.   The tray is best suited for over wrapping and is made out of a very rigid PP material that holds up very well in the microwave.   We also offer it in clear (CP-2B).  Ask your sales representative for samples today!

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