Hinged Sandwich Wedges

Looking for hinged sandwich wedges? Then look no further! These wedges are designed to beautifully display a sliced sandwich and they are available in Tamper Evident, as well as many other styles and sizes. If you are looking for other types of packaging, head back to our main Sandwich Packaging page.

Hinged Clear Sandwich Wedges

We offer 2 widths in our hinged sandwich wedges.  Our SW35 Hinged Clear Sandwich Wedge measures 3.5" and our SW40 is 4" wide.  These hinged wedges present sandwiches in an eye-catching manner, while maintaining great ease of use in production kitchens.

SW35-T - Tamper Evident Hinged Clear Sandwich Wedge

Our SW35-T Tamper Evident Hinged Clear Sandwich Wedge is a great way of packaging sandwiches.  Our SW35-T is equipped with a tamper evident feature, and is designed with clean edges to showcase the quality of the product.

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