Gas Flush Packaging

Modified Atmospheric Packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging is a process where either the atmosphere within the package is removed entirely, referred to as vacuum packaging, or the atmosphere is altered, referred to as controlled atmosphere or gas flushed packaging. In each case, the objective is to extend the shelf life of perishable foods, while at the same time maintain or improve the quality of the product.

Materials used for modified atmosphere packaging are a combination of different substrates. Packaging Sales & Service converts a wide range of substrates for this application using proprietary processes. The materials can be as simple as two-ply laminations or as sophisticated as multi-layer coextrusions, incorporating EVOH as a high barrier substrate.

Our packaging experts strive to satisfy the needs of customers, not only by providing high quality materials, but also working closely with customers to design innovative and economical packaging materials, which achieve maximum protection for each packaged product. These packaging materials are designed to perform on high-speed machines with careful attention devoted to the desired cosmetic characteristics of the product and the need for extended shelf life.

We stock forming films from 3 mil to 10 mil; non-forming films from 1.7 mil to 6 mil.

Vacuum Pouches

Available in barrier and non-barrier

Barrier Sandwich Packaging

Our Barrier Sandwich Packaging Options are designed with specific shelf life extension properties.  Designed to be used with our Barrier Lidding Films, these trays can be sealed using our Lidding Equipment.

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